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Promoting philanthropy and harnessing our collective power

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Our community faces what may seem like intractable challenges

AALFI was created to address a specific subset of those challenges.

We have chosen to do so via the vehicle of philanthropy. To ensure that we stay true to our mission, we consciously avoid trying to be all things to all people. Thus, we focus on three responsibilities:

Secure Support from A Diverse Set of Donors.
AALFI actively identifies potential donors, helps them understand what we do (and why we do it), understand what issues are important to them, and look for commonalities between them. Our beneficiaries are primarily African Americans. We welcome donors from all walks of life who share our passion and commitment.

Strengthen Our Community Through Grantmaking.
AALFI makes grants to individuals and organizations who align with our areas of interest. We strive not to be very rigid in defining our beneficiaries. To that end, we may make grants to organizations and/or individuals who may not qualify for grants from other institutions. Importantly, we do not run our own programs. Rather, we have chosen to support the work of organizations and individuals who have a soundtrack record of results in our community.